Countdown to #OPRA2020

Creatively Conquer Change and Culture
Featuring Jackie O'Connell
April 9, 10 and 11, 2019

How oJackie O'Connell Photoften do you roll out a new initiative or program and it’s not met with the enthusiasm you thought it would be, or it’s flat-out resisted?  It’s not entirely your employees’ fault – change isn’t easy and it’s not just about want or will, biology is involved.  Bring issues of culture into this and it seems like an insurmountable challenge – but it’s not!

Many people find it difficult to define their culture, but they know when it’s not what they want it to be.  To begin any culture shift, you need a clear appraisal of where your organization is so you know how to focus your resources.  More importantly, you need to know WHY you want to change your culture – is it a ‘you’ or a ‘we’ issue?

Join us for this highly interactive day planning for change, working through culture issues and engaging conversations.  We’ll work on aligning culture, strategy and structure, and techniques to engage stakeholders to get the best picture of what’s going on so you can create long-lasting change.  You’ll go back to your agency with a toolbox ready to tackle any challenge!

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