Getting Things Done: Principles for Making the Most of Your Limited Time
An OPRA Regional Training Seminar

In 2001, David Allen revolutionized personal efficiency with his book, Getting Things Done (GTD).  Since that time, GTD has spawned a worldwide movement in “the art of stress-free productivity.”

This session, led by Dr. Stephen Julian of Julian Consulting, will focus on the practical application of GTD principles and related personal efficiency efforts.  While reading the book beforehand would be helpful, this session is designed to meet the needs of anyone who wants to be more efficient in the use of their time.  To be clear, Dr. Julian will facilitate a discussion and will rely on participants to add their “this has worked for me” insights to the conversation.  The goal will be for each person to leave with 1-3 strategies that will help make the most of their limited time.

Invest a day to gain time exponentially for your future.

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