2018 Aquatics Symposium

Professional Development for today’s Aquatics Leaders!

Branding Your Aquatics Division  |  Nichole Bohner, Aquatics Manager, Round Rock Parks and Recreation
The session will provide an examination of effective department marketing and branding measures that can be utilized in a world where budgets are always shrinking.  We will discuss and examine real world examples of ways to provide a professional and polished look for your division.  The session will highlight key components of focus that will provide the most out of your team’s marketing efforts.  Information will be provided on helpful tools, apps and websites that can deliver a large impact.

Training Outside the Box  |  Joey Rusnak, Founder of Lifeguard Authority
Are you and your team tired of the same old types of trainings?  Time to shake things up a bit?  Come and learn about unique and exciting training formats and techniques that not only work but are also fun for you and your teams.  This session is not a round table training discussion but rather a non-stop back to back ideas of how you can train your aquatic team members on a variety of topics.  Leave this session full of ideas and a new way of thinking.  It is time to start thinking outside the box with trainings!

Utilizing Social Media & Creative Events to Build your Tribe  |  Nichole Bohner, Aquatics Manager, Round Rock Parks and Recreation
This session will explore how creative strategies can be utilized to connect to your potential workforce.  Discussion will include how to use branding, marketing, social media, recognition and team events to build a unique and effective recruitment and retention program.  Real life examples will be shared including successes, failures and lessons learned along the way.  This session will identify ways to begin to build a team of involved and active ambassadors to both your brand and your lifeguard team.  Attendees are encouraged to have the Instagram and Google Photos apps on their phones to follow along with sections of the presentations.

Inspiring Superheroes  |  Joey Rusnak, Founder of Lifeguard Authority
Do your aquatic team members see themselves as heroes?  Unfortunately society hasn’t placed lifeguards alongside the typical community heroes.  It is up to us in the industry to help correct this misrepresentation.  In addition to learning about positioning our heroes within our communities, learn how behind each superhero is a mentor.  Superman had his foster parents, Batman had Alfred, the X-Men had Professor X.  This session explores the accountability we all hold as mentors supporting our front line heroes.  You will leave this session prepared to effectively inspire your superheroes!

About the Presenters


Joey Rusnak
Joey Rusnak is the Founder of Lifeguard Authority, an international organization focused on connecting aquatic professionals, fostering collaboration and encouraging contributions towards our common goal of preventing drownings.  As an advocate for lifeguards, Joey works to help educate and inform lateral industries about the important role lifeguards play in our society.  Having led aquatic teams in waterfront, private sector and indoor/outdoor aquatic facilities, he brings a diverse perspective to our work.  Never settling for status quo, Joey is always challenging himself, his teams, and the industry to do better.

Nichole Bohner
Nichole Bohner is Aquatics Division Manager for the City of Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department. She currently oversees the newly remodeled Rock’N River Waterpark, while also leading creative direction for the division’s branding and social media. (Check out @roundrocklifeguards on Instagram)! She has served multiple pool and beachfront operations throughout the nation and holds a great passion for all things water and water safety related. She is a contributor to Aquatics International Magazine and was recently honored as a 2017 Best of Aquatics Award winner for leveraging social media to recruit and manage lifeguards.

Thank you to our sponsors for making this event possible!
Vortex Aquatic Structures International
– Signature Sponsor

Dayton Pool Managment – Lunch Sponsor

Southeastern Security Consultants, Inc. – Session Sponsor

O.P. Aquatics – Table Sponsor

Playworld Midstates – Table Sponsor

October 5, 2018  |  9:30am – 4:00pm

Dublin Community Recreation Center
5600 Post Road
Dublin, OH  43017

Member:  $70
Non-Member:  $90
Full Time Grad or Undergrad Students:  $50

Sending more than one employee?  Register them at the same time to receive $5 off per registration when they register via email, fax, or mail.  (Not available in the online store.)

Lunch is included.  Registrants earn 0.4 CEUS.

Space is limited so register early to secure your spot!

Registration deadline is September 28, 2018.  No refunds for cancellations.

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