2019 Aquatics Symposium

Professional development for today’s aquatics leaders!

Sessions Include

Smarter, Stronger, Faster:  Building a Better Lifeguard
James Wheeler, Leisure Services & Aquatics Manager, City and County of San Francisco Recreation and Park Department
Maximize your training time and energy by focusing on the elements of performance that can build better lifeguards.  Learn how to make staff smarter, stronger and faster using a performance-based approach to lifeguard development.  By examining performance expectations, factors, vulnerabilities and enhancers you will learning training and mentoring methods that will ensure lifeguard success and develop their “big eye”.

Nonfatal Drowning
Dr. Justin Sempsrott, Lifeguards Without Borders
There are many myths and misconceptions about the drowning process.  Often, drowning is used to mean someone that has died.  We have long struggled to define those that have some degree of difficulty breathing or lack of oxygen to brain, but survive.  These are often incorrectly called “near”, “dry”, “delayed” or “secondary” drowning.  This session will use videos and examples of actual drowning patients to reinforce the content.  There will be an emphasis on the struggles and successes of social media and other modalities for getting the message out.

Handling Critical Incidents at Your Facility

James Wheeler, Leisure Services & Aquatics Manager, City and County of San Francisco Recreation and Park Department
No matter how much we prepare, critical incidents can still occur at our aquatic facilities.  The impact of these events on staff and community, and the associated fiscal and reputation loss for an agency can be devastating.  Learn how to prepare for and handle critical incidents at your facility and the steps to take during and after to ensure positive outcomes.  Prepardness, response and post event actions seriously affect critical incident outcomes.

Drowning Resuscitation
Dr. Justin Sempsrott, Lifeguards Without Borders
The resuscitation of drowning persons is often misunderstood and requires a slightly different approach than standard CPR.  This session will discuss the history, physiology and treatment of fatal and non-fatal drowning.  This session is appropriate for all levels of training from lifeguards to non-medical parents/directors to EMTs and everyone in between.  Session will include videos of actual drowning patients.

Thank You to Our Sponsor!

October 23, 2019  |  9:30am – 4:00pm

Dublin Community Recreation Center
5600 Post Road
Dublin, OH  43017

Member:  $70
Non-Member:  $90
Full Time Grad or Undergrad Students:  $50

Lunch is included.  Registrants earn 0.4 CEUS.

Space is limited so register early to secure your spot!

Registration deadline is October 9, 2019.  No refunds for cancellations.

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