OPRA Law Enforcement Section Meeting/Training

Basic Vehicle Fire Investigation

Sergeant Ranger Steve Southard from the Clark County Park District will be the lead instructor for basic vehicle fire investigation training.  Steve is a retired Ohio State Fire Marshal whose primary work area was central and SW Ohio. Over his years of service he has investigated numerous vehicle fires found in parks, bike trails and along rural roadways. His success in convicting arson vehicle fraud fires was attributed to the resources available to the investigator.

This training is a four hour training block to assist the park officer in conducting a basic vehicle fire investigation.  The course will give you basic knowledge of fire chemistry, how it moves and the types of fuels involved with a vehicle fire. One of the single most causes in arson for profit fires is fraud vehicle fires. Vehicles are mobile and often reported stolen only to have found them abandoned and set on fire.

There are many experts who will assist and help you to determine if the fire is an accidental, fraud or undetermined fire. This course will have Ohio Highway Patrol Troopers help us to locate hidden VIN numbers on vehicles, the Ohio State Fire Marshal who is a certified fire investigator, and the crime lab and accelerant Detection canines to find evidence. A Private Insurance Investigator will have Engineers, Electronic certified specialists available through the insurance company adjuster.

There will be a burned out vehicle provided by the fire department for us to look at and to read the burn patterns found in the interior and on exterior surfaces. This course will offer 4 hours of continuing education for LEO’s and a certification of attendance for the course will be provided.

Steve Southard’s Bio
Steve is a career Firefighter, Police Officer and Paramedic. During his 31 years of service, Steve was an ATF Taskforce Officer, an ATF ACD Canine Handler, and has been qualified as an expert in Fire, Bombing, fireworks and explosion investigations in 40 of the 88 counties of Ohio. He has convicted numerous homicide and serial arsonist cases, and is also a forensic 3D drawer, and crime scene Reconstructionist technician.   Steve has instructed at OPOTA, and at the Ohio Fire Academy and has been a guest speaker for many seminars and trainings over his career. Currently oversees the Clark County Park District Ranger part time, Auxiliary Law Enforcement, Interpretation and service Ranger staff protecting close to 800 acres at 6 parks that include an historical Battlefield and 1854 historic home, rock climbing gorge and  nearly 20 miles of bike  paths.

This a free training with a brief OPRA LE SECTION meeting afterwards.

August 27, 2019  |  10:00am – 2:00pm

Cost  Free

Bethel Township Fire Department
3333 Lake Road
Medway, OH  45341

RSVP to Steve Oneail at steve.oneail@metroparkstoledo.com. Please include the names of those attending, title/rank agency, phone and email.

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