Two Youth Sports Departments in Ohio Earn National Designation

Two Ohio-based organizations have been designated a Better Sports for Kids Quality Program Provider by the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS):

Evendale Recreation Department
National Trail Parks and Recreation District

This honor, like the Good Housekeeping Seal given to household products that meet high standards, recognizes organizations that have met an equally high standard when it comes to administering youth sports programming.

“We applied for the Better Sports for Kids Quality Program Provider Designation to validate to myself and the Village of Evendale that our sports programs are based on sound principles and values,” said Kristen Maiden, Program Supervisor at Evendale. “We want to ensure that we are offering the best sport programs to our residents. Earning this designation is very exciting for myself and the Evendale Recreation Department. We feel our programs are worthwhile and appreciate that NAYS feels that way, too. It is great to be able to share with our residents and they are proud of this designation too.”

Adds Miste Adams, Recreation Superintendent at the National Trail Parks and Recreation District: “We applied to help evaluate our programs against others and to see what our strong points are and where we need improvement. We want to provide the best possible sporting experience for our youth, keeping kids first. The designation means a great deal to our staff. We work very hard to provide the area youth with a fun, safe sporting environment. The Quality Designation re-enforces our philosophy and gives additional credibility to our organization.”

Today’s youth sports climate overflows with programming, making it challenging for organizations to stand out among the crowd, and difficult for parents to gauge which ones can deliver high-quality experiences for young athletes. To help organizations and families, NAYS introduced the Better Sports for Kids Quality Program Provider designation. Any organization can apply to be evaluated for the designation, and no cost is involved.

The Better Sports for Kids Quality Program Provider designation has been developed around the National Standards for Youth Sports as a way to recognize and promote youth sports organizations that make quality a priority. If an organization meets the benchmark requirements of the designation, parents can be assured that specific safety and quality measures have been implemented.

To earn the Better Sports for Kids Quality Program Provider designation a youth sports program must fulfill all the components associated with these five key requirements:

  • Written Policies and Procedures
  • Volunteer Screening
  • Coach Training
  • Parent Education
  • Accountability

These points are the rationale for the National Standards for Youth Sports, a framework by which youth sports programs should be designed and executed.

“Organizations that earn this designation will stand out within their community for demonstrating that they have taken a proactive approach on some tough issues and are providing youth sports programs of the highest standard,” said John Engh, Executive Director of NAYS. “Parents have a lot of genuine concerns these days and when they see the Better Sports for Kids Quality Program Provider designation, they can take comfort knowing their child is in the best place possible to learn and compete in sports.”

Organized youth sports programs are one of the greatest resources available for instilling valuable life skills in children, the leaders of tomorrow. Quality should not be left to chance.

Anyone interested in having their organization evaluated for the Better Sports for Kids Quality Program Provider designation can visit; email; or call (800) 729-2057.

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