House Bill 288 has been scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday afternoon with a possible amendment. We expect the amendment will be offered by Chairman Hambley and would require approval from cities or townships before eminent domain can be used for a trail.

Please reach out to members of the Civil Justice Committee to urge their “no” vote on this amendment.

Remind members that:

  • The amendment would subject 1545 park district decisions to the decisions of other governmental entities setting a dangerous precedent;
  • The amendment would subject the eminent domain process to a political authority;
  • Local control already exists with the probate judge having the current authority to appoint park commissioners; and,
  • The ultimate local control already exists because park districts must periodically face voters in order to receive continuing funding for operations.

If any of these members represent your area, it is urgent that you reach to them as soon as possible.

Stephen D. Hambley(R)ChairDistrict 69(614) 466-8140
Tom Patton(R)Vice ChairDistrict 7(614) 466-4895
Richard Brown(D)Ranking MemberDistrict 20(614) 644-6002
Jim Butler(R)District 41(614) 644-6008
Jamie Callender(R)District 61(614) 644-6074
Robert Cupp(R)District 4(614) 466-9624
Brett Hillyer(R)District 98(614) 466-8035
Lara Lanese(R)District 23(614) 466-9690
Bill Seitz(R)District 30(614) 466-8258
Jeffrey Crossman(D)District 15(614) 466-3485
Tavia Galonski(D)District 35(614) 644-6037
Paula Hicks-Hudson(D)District 44(614) 466-1401
Michael Skindell(D)District 13(614) 466-5921

We will continue to keep you posted. Please reach out to Woody if you have questions or concerns.

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