More than 80% of Parks and Recreation Levies Succeed on November Ballot

Thirty nine of forty eight parks and recreation specific levies on Ohio ballots passed in voting on Tuesday. The tally includes only those levies which were specifically identified for parks and recreation.

Among the winners was the Ross County Park District which passed their first ever operating levy for the county wide park system.

“It was another very good night for parks and recreation departments at the ballot box,” said Woody Woodward, Executive Director of the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association. “It is especially good to see the Ross County Park District succeed in their request for funding. What is clear from the results last night is that the vast majority of Ohioans recognize the benefits that parks and recreation provide.”

Woodward said he was disappointed by the result in Stark County, where a levy for the Stark County Park District failed by a wide margin. “That one hurts because the park district up there is doing a phenomenal job. They got hit by a late misinformation campaign on social media which made a real impact in a low turnout race.”  He said he expects the district to come before voters again in 2020.

Around the state, levies were successful at all levels of government as counties, cities, townships and villages all passed parks and recreation specific issues.

Click here for a complete list of the 2019 November levies and here for a compilation of levies since 2010.

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