We know that this is an incredibly difficult time for you and that many of you are seeking resources to help best serve and inform your community during these uncertain times. To that end, we have opened up a discussion board pertaining to COVID-19.

This is a MODERATED discussion board. It is a place for you to share questions and answers related to how you department is handling the challenges surrounding COVID-19. This is not a place to share opinions—political or otherwise—relative to this crisis. It will be focused on nuts-and-bolts questions and answers related to managing parks and recreation activities during this crisis. To be clear, posts expressing opinions will not be approved for posting.

When submitting a response, please include your name, title and department.


  1. Avatar says:

    Has anyone reached out to the Ohio Health Department to see if they have a statement on kids and adults, using play equipment during this COVID-19 event? Something we could post at the play structure, swings or shelter? We want people out in the parks while they are off but using play equipment would seem to be something to avoid.

    Duane Gaier, Director
    Sidney Parks & Recreation Department

    • says:

      Hey Duane,

      Check out the recent NRPA Connect discussion board. There’s all kind of comments about playgrounds and COVID-19.

      Kevin Swanson
      Miami Co. Park District

  2. Avatar Erika Buri says:

    Has anyone worked through a compensation plan for employees who get sick or have to take care of anyone who might get sick. What about your laid off/furloughed staff?
    Erika Buri
    The Olander Park System

  3. Avatar Woody Woodward says:

    A number of members have asked for guidance about playgrounds during this crisis. According to Governor DeWine’s order yesterday, playgrounds shall be closed. The relevant text of the order is below:

    c. For outdoor activity. To engage in outdoor activity, provided the individuals comply with Social Distancing Requirements, as defined below, such as, by way of example and without limitation, walking, hiking, running, or biking. Individuals may go to public parks and open outdoor recreation areas. However, public access playgrounds may increase spread of COVID19, and therefore shall be closed.


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