Swim Teams

Looking to find out a little bit about swim teams in the area.

– Is there a Swim Team at your facility? (I would like to know if you do not as well.)
– If so, is it ran by you (government, etc.) or do they rent pool space from you?


Rebecca Medinger
Parks and Recreation Director
City of Pickerington


  1. Avatar Patti Welker says:

    Strongsville has several swim teams that swim out of the recreation center.
    1) Strongsville High School-we are allowed to use school gyms and fields for basketball and baseball and in return they use our pools for practice and meets.
    2) Strongsville Summer Swim League-paid for by the recreation department for our team (non HOA swimmers in our city) and then the other league teams compete here for the Championship meet.
    3) Swim United Club swimming-USA Swimming Team pays for lane rental and hosts one annual Splash Out Cancer meet here. Lane rental is $15/hour/lane
    Hope this helps you. We do have a designated 8 lane lap pool as well as a 0-4.5 foot activity pool so we have a little more programming space than some facilities.

    Patti Welker
    Aquatic Supervisor
    City of Strongsville

  2. Avatar william.plessinger@westerville.org says:

    Westerville hosts the three Westerville High School swim teams and one dive team from November-February. We just provide them lap space. We also set aside around ten mornings/afternoons to host meets. We have a cooperative agreement with the schools- they get pool space; we get gymnasium in their schools for our basketball leagues and stage space for our theatre program.


    Bill Plessinger, Aquatics Manager
    Westerville Parks and Recreation

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