Grant Reports

Program Development Grants

Grounded and Growing  |  Five Rivers MetroParks  |  January 2019
Empowering youth to engage in community hunger initiatives while taking control of their own health and wellness through growing, cooking and sharing fresh food.

Backpack Explorer Program  |  Erie MetroParks  |  July 2018
Erie MetroParks’ staff will lead nature hikes for students in grades 3-8 enrolled in the Perkins School District and in the City of Sandusky at various MetroParks and encourage the students to use the items in the backpack to explore.

Stand Up Paddleboard Rental Program  |  The Olander Park System  |  July 2018
This new rental program will help boost participation in water activities and help to modernize and reinvigorate the boat rental business on Olander Lake.

New Programs for the John M. Coyne Recreation Center  |  Brooklyn Recreation Center  |  January 2018
The need for new programs for adults, children and senior citizens is critical to the well-being for their patrons.  With new programming, they hope to establish more healthy and active lifestyles for a bigger group of people.

Families on the Move F.A.N. Club  |  City of Grove City  |  July 2017
The mission of F.A.N. Club is to help integrate fitness and nutrition curriculum to improve the health and well-being of children.

The Embers Program  |  Ohio University  |  July 2017
The primary objective of The Embers Program is to provide an outdoor, adventure program that engaged youth in nature and their surrounding community through first hand experiences.

Mobile Archery Range  |  Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Park District  |  January 2017
This program will become a mobile unit and will provide archery instruction to summer camp programs as well as multi-generational programming.

Youth Skateboarding Camp  |  Canton Parks & Recreation  |  January 2017
This program will provide a low-cost, developmental summer skateboarding camp to inner-city children in their skate park.

Horse-Drawn Carriage Holiday Ride  |  Canton Parks & Recreation  |  July 2016
To provide a low-cost horse-drawn carriage ride program to inner-city residents during the Holidays, who traditionally would not have access to such an event, while also being able to build upon the success of the department’s annual holiday light up in Stadium Park.

Great Miami River Recreation Trail Ambassador Program  |  MetroParks of Butler County  |  January 2016
MetroParks of Butler County received a $1500 grant to help establish an ambassador program comprised of volunteers and managed by Metro Parks staff, to monitor the 9-mile section of the GMRRT that is managed by MetroParks.

Research Grants

Kent State University  |  Effectiveness of Day Camp Staff Training on Preparedness to Provide Inclusive Camp Experiences for Children with Disabilities  |  January 2019
The purpose of this study is to develop and test the effectiveness of training content and materials to prepare summer day camp staff to include children with disabilities in summer day camps.

Community Running Clubs’ Use of Public Spaces:  An Analysis of the Psychology, Behaviors, and Outcomes of Long-Distance Running  |  Ohio State University  |  January 2018
The primary objective of the project is to identify the determinants of physical activity and persistence within community running clubs to promote sustained physical activity across the lifespan.

Common Sense Coyote  |  National Trail Parks and Recreation District  |  January 2015
Human and coyote interactions have sizably increased over the past few years in the western and eastern portions of the United States. These increased, sometime negative interactions have caused many public agencies to develop co-existence, educational and management programs. Even though National Trail, our region and Ohio currently has not seen this level of negative interactions to force programs of this nature to be developed, we are proactively working to educate the public in Clark County prior to any of these issues occurring. National Trail Parks & Recreation District and Wittenberg University have partnered to implement Common Sense Coyote, a public information and monitoring program. Common Sense Coyote will provide the tools for our residents of Clark County to safely co-exist and provide a better understanding of the coyote population and behavior in Clark County, allowing for safe interactions and practices to become common sense.

Economic Impact of Trails Study  |  MORPC |  2014
In 2014, MORPC, along with the cities of Columbus, Hilliard, New Albany, Westerville, and Canal Winchester, and Franklin County Metro Parks, Ohio Parks and Recreation Association, and Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, hired the University of Minnesota to conduct an Impacts of Trails Study for Central Ohio.

The study was finalized in June 2015 and focused on five main tasks: trail usage, trail user profiles, community and business leader feedback, property value analyses along trails, and cost analyses. A steering committee made up of the above mentioned communities and organizations advised the project.

The Impacts of Trails study may likely be the first of its kind in the nation to analyze an entire regional trail system, not just individual trails, and to holistically look at the various components that impact and could be impacted by trail development.

The Economic Benefits of Clean Ohio Fund Conservation  |  The Trust for Public Land  |  2013
The Trust for Public Land conducted an economic analysis of the return on Ohio’s investment in land conservation through the Clean Ohio Fund and found that every $1 invested in land conservation returned $4 in natural goods and services to the Ohio economy. Additionally, projects funded through the program provide a multitude of economic benefits to the people, communities, and business of the state in the form

of jobs, tourism and visitor spending, tax revenue, enhanced property values, agricultural output, quality of life, and others.

Administrative Grants

Metroparks Toledo  |  Performance Management Training  |  January 2019
The training will create a performance management system that supports supervisors in their efforts to build a high-performance culture, drives accountability and rewards high levels of performance and positive behavior.

Lifeguard/Waterfront Safety Instructor Training  |  The Olander Park System  |  July 2018
The objective of this grant is to improve the ability of TOPS to properly staff the beach and swim area at Lake Olander with lifeguards who are trained and certified as Red Cross Lifeguards with the additional Waterfront Skills certification.

Metroparks Comprehensive Master Planning Process  |  Ashtabula County Metroparks |  January 2018
The purpose of the plan is to develop a community-supported plan that provides guidance to Ashtabula County Metroparks over the next 10 years for improving and operating existing and future parks and trails and providing opportunities for appropriate public use and enjoyment.

Park Ranger Outreach  |  Whitehall Parks and Recreation Department  |  July 2017
This program will help expand the roles of Whitehall’s Rangers by offering targeted outreach programs to the City’s youth and families.

Parks Communications Project  |  Ashtabula County Metroparks |  January 2017
This project will provide necessary tools to allow prospective park users to enjoy newly opening parks in the Metropark system.

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